Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday for the Big Guy, His Nibs

I like to BLOG about food and wine when I'm on the road or in a hotel. Well I haven't done either for a couple of weeks but I did eat at Les Faux Bourgeouis in Vancouver last night and it calls for a few words.

Last night we were celebrating David's birthday. We love France and go there as often as possible. Love french food and french wine. Les Faux serves onion soup with a vegetarian version that is absolutely perfect and a chevre chaud that rates as one of the best I've ever eaten. If you're reading this blog you probably know that I have eaten a lot of chevre chaud. If it's on the menu I'll order it. Goat cheese on toast with greens and a glass of wine is, in my opinion, the perfect meal.

I think of food and wine like music with high and low notes. I like a meal balanced in lows and highs and chevre chaud and a glass of red offers that. I've planned my next meal at Les Faux; veggie onion soup, chevre chaud and and onion tart if I can possibly eat all that or find someone to share it. Something Cote de Rhone for wine. Les Faux is a restaurant I would eat at weekly if I could plan well enough. Reservations are a MUST.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Four Season Yew Restaurant

Yew Restaurant is always a good choice for dinner before a show at the QE Theatre. I'm not giving away my parking secrets for downtown Vancouver but restaurants I'll share. The monthly $35 Prix Fix Menu is great value. June featured spot prawns, avocado and strawberries. The wine list is so good there's always something special to try by the glass. Jeff at the front of the house makes every guest feel like a regular. Sunday night any wine bottle at 50% off. We are so lucky to have Four Seasons and their great attitude about food in Vancouver.