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Chives Bistro in Halifax had the very best table, great wine list and fantastic food.

Another wine weekend getaway to the Okanagan yields a couple of cases of excellent wines.

El Bulli Cooking in Progress is a look at how Ferran Adria and team create the best restaurant in the world menu

Dinner at Terrafina Hester Creek Estate Winery and Villas. One of my favourite places in the Okanagan.

Joe Beef Montreal was Kitchy and fun but serious about food.

Fox Harb'r Resort on the Northumberland Coast of Nova Scotia is remote and sophisticated.

Poutine is a must try if you are in Montreal. La Banquise has it all.

Milos Montreal doesn't live up to it's New York Sibling

Montreal is Great for a Weekend of Family, Art, Shopping, Eating and Drinking

Best Beer Commercial Ever. I want a Sapporo right now.