Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Beer flights go big at MicroBrasserie Saint Arnould Mont-Tremblant

Quebec has some great beer and on a recent trip to Mont-Tremblant  we visited  MicroBrasserie Saint Arnould, named after the patron saint of brewers and I think they do him proud with their offerings.

Beer Selection

I love to try flights of beer and they have flights of 6, 8 or 10.  We tried 8 and I particularly liked the refreshing Blanche Anges, a Belgian white with orange and coriander.

The staff were friendly and informative and they had plenty of information sheets on the bar with tasting notes, alcohol content, IBUs and even the temperatures they should be served at.  In fact a lot of the beer bottles in Quebec seem to have this information on the labels.  I like it a lot.

The bar at Microbrasserie Saint Arnould

Thursday, June 11, 2015

4 Yums Up for Lobster Poutine and Patrick Bermand Restaurant, Mont-Tremblant

At a recent conference in Mont-Tremblant we snuck away to have a quiet French dinner in the countryside.  We chose Patrick Bermand for the menu and good reviews.

Sunday night in early June is a slow time in the Laurentians and we were the only people in the restaurant at 6:30.  Perhaps it was just too early for the mainly French clientele.  I was a little worried we may have chosen badly but our friendly waiter had plenty of time for us and gave us very good advice and service without trying to become our new best friend.  When he learned that we intended to have the lobster poutine for 2 as a main course  he recommended 3 starters to balance out the meal.  We shared escargots, salmon gravlax and chevre chaud.  It came beautifully presented on a large sharing platter.  The escargots were served in individual tiny cups with mushroom duxelles and a toast top, entirely decadent and delicious.  The salmon gravlax was cured in house with citrus and gin and was a real winner.  The salad was a good mix of greens with a traditional chevre grilled on toast.
Escargots, salmon gravlax and chevre chaud platter for 2

The lobster poutine was great.  Crisp fried perfect french fries with plenty of lobster and a fish and shellfish reduction with a touch of vermouth and cream topped with cheese and grilled.  We did not say a word until it was finished.
Lobster Poutine

I'm often out of my league with a wine list outside of BC but once again our waiter was helpful.  I had a half bottle of white Bordeaux.  (I love half bottles)  David started with a local beer and tried a recommended Portuguese red to finish.

1 Yum up for the beautiful presentation, especially the large sharing platter
1 Yum up for the beautiful aromas, nothing fishy even with a lobster tank
1 Yum up for the great balance of flavours
1 Yum up for something special, our server very young but confident enough to make thoughtful recommendations

I can't give a Yum up for atmosphere.  No matter how charming the restaurant, it's hard to make up for an empty room.