Friday, October 16, 2015

The oyster cage match in Tofino demanded sub categories @wolfinthefog vs @sobo

Wolf in the Fog Fried Oysters

We decided that we needed 2 categories; fried oysters and baked oysters.

Wolf in the Fog wins for the fried oysters.  They are incredible; a smoked oyster wrapped in Kennebec string potatoes and deep fried.  They get better every time I have them and are addictive. My love to Chef Nicholas Nutting.
Sobo Baked Oysters

We've been eating at Sobo for about a dozen years and they make the best baked oysters I've ever had.  Baked in a miso mayo with salmon bacon, I love them even more than Tojo's.

Choosing the best oysters meant eating quite a few, thankfully there are great beaches and hiking to help work up an appetite.  I can't wait to go back and test the results again.