St. Lawrence is my new favourite restaurant in Vancouver

We sat at the kitchen counter on opening night at the St. Lawrence. Oo la la! Precision in the kitchen and some very positive nervous energy from younger staff. The food was outstanding.
Perfect Cod

We had 3 starters; quenelle with mussels, white wine sauce and puff pastry, mushrooms in vol au vent and ratatouille with Parmesan pudding. I think the quenelles are the bomb, David the mushrooms. The menu is limited for “pesky”tarians so both had cod in parchment bundles. We watched them prep them full of fresh new veggies plenty of butter and a generous portion of beautiful ling cod. The sauce was poured on and a spare jug offered. We needed the big spoons to finish every bit of broth.

I’ve been back and had the Quenelle twice now and finally took a poor picture. It’s a mild fish dumpling with mussels in a cream sauce. Also got to try the fries and the potato chips. The chips are served with the steak tartare so I was grateful to have a carnivore friend along.
The French 75

Big discovery was the French 75 le vrai with cognac. I’ll be begging for chips to go with my new favourite cocktail next time.