Tim Raue Berlin No 37 on The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2018

I'd love to eat my way through all 50 of The World's Best Restaurants but I'm happy I had the chance to try Tim Raue.  I chose it for the vegetarian menu, reputation and location.  We loved every minute of it.

It was a deadly hot day in Berlin and the cold clothes were a welcome way to refresh and settle in.

The room was cool and comfortable and the service had that amazing balance of friendly, relaxed perfection that so many restaurants try to achieve and so few succeed.
Tim Raue

They even have their own brewery, so David was happy with the beer.

The meal started with some spiced nuts, pickles and pok choy leaves.  My favourite was the pok choy.  It's hard to believe a couple of leaves with a dab of sauce and some oil could be so delicious.

Snack to start

A little dish of Kim Chi was David's favourite snack.
Kim Chi

Pomelo Coconut Roscoff
This pomelo wrapped in coconut had lots of textures and flavours.  The red onion was crispy but not deep fried.
Tomato Star Anise Pumpkin

Those look like tomatoes but they are really a kind of tomato jam shaped like a tomato.  The half moon is pumpkin and the tomato broth was flavoured with star anise.  The flavours were starting to deepen.
Topinambur Sate Mango

Wow!  Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes have never tasted this good before.  They had a deep umami that was contrasted beautifully by the mango on the side plate.
Spiced Tofu Chiu Chow Chili Pumpkin
The final savoury dish was spiced tofu.  By far the best tofu I've even eaten.  Just the right amount of spice.
Yuzu Cheesecake Caramel Beurre Sale
Finishing with a light cheesecake that was as refreshing as the 1st course Pomelo really wrapped up the meal.


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