I count on @Scoutmagazine for restaurant advice in Vancouver but Herzog was a great tip for Munich

I love Scout Magazine so much that when I saw Herzog Munich in Restaurant Porn and was planning a couple of nights in Munich I booked dinner there.  Thank you Scout, you never lead me astray.  Munich in July was all about outdoor dining and Herzog was no exception.  The patio was sexy and comfortable at the same time.

A beautiful restaurant full of beautiful people I was a little worried that the food might not be quite as good.  The proof is in the pudding as they say and the food made the grade.  

Perhaps a little pretentious in a serious foodie kind of way, the olive oil was served with an eye dropper.  Didn't hold us back a bit. Great bread, great olive oil.  
Bread olive oil and salt
Baked avocado salad wasn't a great start but the only misstep.  Ho hum boring.

Baked avocado salad
I haven't had a spider crab worth eating in years but David wanted this one and I'm a fan again.  3 Yums UP!

Spider Crab
No one could translate the fish Zahnbrasse, but with yam gnocci on top we wanted it anyway and it was delicious.  Since learned it is sea bream.

We even tried dessert.  Mostly because again, no one could quite tell us what is was.  Tagesdessert is dessert of the day.  A traditional dessert that wasn't like anything else I've had. Like a cross between a donut and a cake with fruit and ice cream.  Tasty  and pretty, David finished every bit.  I prefer wine for dessert. 

I enjoyed Herzog.  The food was good, the comfortable garden table was excellent and the people watching even better.  

One interesting thing was how many large format bottles of wine I saw circulating the room.  The Wine Guy told me he believed that large formats age faster and allow him to have exceptional wines by the glass.  I didn't argue, just ordered another glass.