Malta is crazy busy and crowded but the food and the ruins are what we remember

Malta is a place best looked at in retrospect.  It is crowded and too busy BUT the history is complicated and diverse and contribute to food, wine and architecture that are very good.
Honey Bun
We spent some time in Valletta and found a perfect coffee at the beautiful Caffe Cordina, founded in 1837.  I love these old coffee shops, that run like well oiled machines. It was very busy but we never felt rushed.  We tried the Honey Ring, a traditional Maltese treat made with black treacle, marmalade, orange peel, spices and honey.  I could see how they would become addictive.  They aren't nearly as sweet as they sound and are really perfect with coffee. 
Legligin Wine Ba

David ready for a great lunch

We had lunch at Legligin, a wine bar with a tasting menu.  They asked about food restrictions and we were impressed when they understood our pescatarian preference.  We asked about local wine choices and the owner brought us a selection that he then described in detail and had us quite excited to try the Celsius Cabernet Sauvignon.  It was so good we found some to bring home.  
Maltese Wine Celsius
Lunch was a long lovely affair with mostly local ingredients that were fresh, well prepared and lovingly served.
Gozo Cheese, Olives, Peppers and Eggplant, Tomato Tapenade

Mushroom Lentil Soup
The Octopus and Fish were very fresh and simply prepared.

Sea Bream

I recommend Legligin.  It was memorable, good value and the food highlight of Malta.